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 Traditional Greek Houses


                                                  About Niriedes

The Nereids, according to Greek mythology, were nymphs that were personifying situations and characteristics of the sea. They were the daughters of Nyreas and Okeanidas Doridas and granddaughters of Okeanos. The Nereids lived in the bottom of the ocean, at the palace of their father. Their daily pastimes were swimming and playing with dolphins, sitting on golden thrones or rocks, singing and weaving or drying their rich long hair. The most known were Amfitriti, Thetis (the future mother of hero Achilleas), Psamathia (mother, of Eakos) and Galatia. Indeed, our Complex of Traditional Houses took its name from these mythical nymphs. Built in complete harmony with the local architecture and equipped with all the modern comforts, Nereids is sure to make your stay pleasant.

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